JKS Architects & Engineers - – Hopkinsville, Kentucky


Architect Artfully Molds City

The following is a Kentucky New Era article that’s almost 20 years old about JKS’s founder J. Keith Sharp and the wonderful work he’s done shaping the landscape of Todd County.  Even though the... Read more >>

New Christian County Middle School Opens

In January 2012, after more than two years of construction, the brand new Christian County Middle School opened to much fanfare. The following is an article by Benjamin Joubert that appeared in the Kentucky... Read more >>

JKS in Ameriprise Company brochure

JKS Architects and Engineers has been featured in a number of articles and industry-wide trade publications and marketing materials. Our collaboration  with Ameriprise Company (an architectural metal-working business) at the Christian County Criminal Justice... Read more >>

Alhambra Theatre Renovation

In 2010, JKS Architects completed a renovation of Christian County’s famous Alhambra Theatre.   The renovation was chronicled in the following article in Quality Construction magazine. Building a Future Through History -Alhambra Theatre is... Read more >>

JKS in Imetco brochure/Sweets Catalog

JKS Artchitects & Engineers worked with Imetco on the building of the Christian County  Justice Center in Hopkinsville, KY. Imetco used a photo of the Justice Center in their own marketing materials, including this... Read more >>